Signpost Journal on mental health, dementia, (including Alzheimer's disease, stroke, depression etc.), and memory problems in Older People.

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Welcome to Signpost

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Signpost is for professionals and carers working with older people with dementia and mental health problems. Its aim is to enhance quality of care and thereby improve quality of life. The journal is a non-profit making venture, with all income supporting its continued production and local staff training. Subscription rates are kept to a minimum, starting from just £15 a year.

The journal provides professionals and carers with a user friendly source of information and education, and is an enjoyable and often moving read.


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 Latest changes

Signpost was established in 1997, and is reaching a wider audience through its website. However, in order to continue to develop Signpost we need to broaden our subscription base and to this end we are able to offer potential subscribers a free review copy of the journal. Please mail Signpost for a copy and let your friends and colleagues know that we exist.  Signpost is the only non profit-making journal of its type available at the moment, so please give us your support, and in so doing help us to help you to improve quality of life for older people with mental health needs.

Simon O'Donovan, Editor
Consultant Nurse Older Vulnerable Adults

This site was last updated on 20th July 2004

Signpost Journal produced by Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust in association with Dementia Services Development Centre Wales. Tel. 029 2033 6073. Fax. 029 2033 6385 E-mail; Signpost